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About Peay Designs

Welcome to Peay Designs! For all of you who ask yourself.... "What is Peay Designs and what exactly do they do?" well, here's our chance to introduce ourselves to you and explain what our business is all about. But before we can do that, let us tell you our story and how we came to be Peay Designs.


First of all, a little about myself....my name is Paula and I'm the brains behind Peay Designs. I have always enjoyed drawing, painting, sewing and decorating, so I knew I would eventually end up in a career that dealt with my creative talents. I looked and looked and looked but couldn't find a job that utilized all of my talents....so I decided to start my own business! It was hard at first, but I finally got my feet wet and thus began Peay Designs......


Peay Designs (pronounced in French as "Pay") started in Jersey City, NJ as a small clothing design business. Working from a very small studio apartment in Jersey City, Peay Designs slowly grew into something bigger and better....unfortunately, as anyone who lives in the Tri-State (NY, NJ, CT) area knows, it is quite expensive to live and do business there....hence the move back to my hometown of Tyler, Texas.

Back in Tyler, Peay Designs was able to move into a loft near downtown and begin the growing process. We stayed there for 2 years and then moved to Big "D" Dallas. The move to Dallas proved to be a good choice and so here in Dallas is where we currently reside.


Back in 1996, Peay Designs originally started out as a small clothing designs business. What we have grown into is an all around design business that incorporates all aspects of design: clothing, crafting, decorating, interior design, painting and much more... We believe that design is a part of how we live...either in work and or play.

The purpose of this website is to provide a bit of uniqueness ....we offer items that can be used in decorating, designing or just ordinary, everyday-to-day things needed to live life smoother. We also provide services for sewing, custom design outfits and painting (faux finish walls). If you are in need of custom work, please email us with your specific information.

We hope you enjoy the website and keep coming back for more!

Paula Peay
Owner - Peay Designs


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